Mundane Musings – Snails

“His turn signal’s been on, since 1942. Snail Man. SNAIL MAN!” Those would be some lyrics to a song my Dad would play for me and my sister in the car on the way to school when we were young. If I remember correctly, it was from his Bob and Tom in the Morning collection. Bob and Tom are radio personalities in the midwest (and probably elsewhere) that my Dad loved listening to in the mornings before we moved to Texas. They did all kinds of crazy and funny songs, and this was one my sister and I would just giggle about. “Snail Man” was a regular in our car. 🙂

Well, snails also seem to be regulars in our yard here in Alcaidesa, Spain. When we first got here last November, they were everywhere. I would squeal whenever Matt picked one up, but now I think they’re hilarious. They hibernated for the better part of winter, but now they remaking their habitats in full force. At night, they come out of wherever they’re hiding and populate the yard, slithering along slowly and patiently. The other night, the photographer in me spent quite some time in the yard trying to capture them going about their business. So enjoy this slimy addition of Mundane Musings…

Snail Man, Spain, Alcaidesa, Bob and Tom

Snail Man, Alcaidesa, Spain, Bob and Tom

Snail Man, Bob and Tom, Alcaidesa, Spain

I think this last photo earns the title of “Snail Lovers.” What do you think? 😉

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4 thoughts on “Mundane Musings – Snails

  1. Dad

    Snail Man… a classic. Almost as good as Toast by Haywood Banks

  2. Ahhhhhh, Toast! That one is great.

  3. Peggy McCormick

    Em – As always, I love your posts & keep up with them religiously. This one is hilarious! I remember when we lived in Spain, the locals would harvest the snails right out of the fields & eat them! They were considered a delicasy!

  4. Peggy – I’ve heard the Spanish love the snails and up by Barcelona, they even repel down the side of mountains to pull them off of sea walls! Not exactly on my palate, especially since they crawl around in the yard, but to each his own I guess!

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