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Malaga, Airport, Cafe, Latte, Vanilla, Grande, Spain, Dublin we meet again!

One of the things I just love about Europe is the abundance of cafes with the most deliciously brewed coffee. Seriously, the coffee beans over here make for one tasty cup of Joe. I’ve also noticed that people over here take pride in their local coffee, especially here in Spain. However, this coffee addict sometimes craves a Starbucks original. Call it the high maintenance in me, but there is nothing better than a Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte to start a morning. When I lived in Dublin, on most mornings I would purposely take a longer walk to work so I could cut down Dawson Street to grab my favorite caffeine fix. A feeling of comfort and happiness would engulf me as I stepped into the warm and cozy embraces of the Starbucks cafe. It was always a popular spot, filled with college students from Trinity College, located just minutes down the street. I’d grab my skinny latte and with another fifteen minutes left to walk, it was usually finished by the time I made it to the office.

Unfortunately, in my new neck of the woods, there are no Starbucks coffee shops within sight. The closest location is in the Malaga airport, a whopping hour and fifteen minutes away. I enjoy what my surroundings have to offer, but from time to time, I just want to taste that vanilla goodness. So for my trip to Dublin, I made arrangements to arrive earlier than necessary at the Malaga airport just to grab a Starbucks latte before my flight. Pure bliss. I also learned something very important – they also have a cafe before going through security, meaning that when I take people to and from the airport, I can satisfy my craving!

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