One With Nature

Well hello there! And yes, one lovely little ladybug is on his back.

With beautiful weather entering the picture comes frequent outdoor activities. Lately, I’ve become a fan of opening all of our sliding doors while I make dinner or taking a good book into the sun by the pool for a little late afternoon read. It was while doing the latter that I suddenly became one with nature. As I turned the page, I quickly glanced up to take in my surroundings and discovered the oddest and most adorable sight. In our pool, sitting proudly atop a small floating football, was a frog. Yet, it wasn’t just the frog that made the entire scene so adorable, it was the handful of ladybugs sharing his raft as they all basked in the warmth of the sun.

Of course, I quickly ran inside to grab my camera, and after I’d taken a couple shots, I decided to putter around my yard to check out what my funny friends call home. Since our lot is fairly new, most foliage is still growing, but there is a certain beauty to our Andalusian landscaping, frogs and snails included. And I do believe they say that ladybugs bring good luck. 😉


*Click on the frog pictures for a closer view*

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One thought on “One With Nature

  1. Gina

    Either that is a small frog or those are huge lady bugs! Your yard is lovely.

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