Just like the last time we had visitors in Spain, I took a million pictures! Even though we returned to Sevilla, a destination I recently was lucky to visit, I feel like I enjoyed a different experience, and I have the pictures to prove it.

Spain, Alcazar, Food, Tapas, Cathedral, Architecture

This was taken next to the Cathedral in a popular area of the city. The tram runs through here, there are bike paths, and little eateries line the street. I just love the facades of the buildings in Sevilla!

Spain, Alcazar, Cathedral, Tapas, Food, Architecture

The Alcazar and its gardens was a stop both with my family and for this trip. It just cannot be missed!

Spain, Alcazar, Gardens, Cathedral, Food, Tapas

There is just endless beauty in the gardens of the Alcazar.

Spain, Bullfighting, Alcazar, Gardens, Tapas, Food

Yesterday I showed you where the Master of Ceremonies sits, today you can see what he watches! It’s quite a bit bigger than the Ronda bullfighting ring.

Spain, Alcazar, Bullfighting, Cathedral, Gardens

This is where the bullfighter enters to face his bull. Just behind me on the left is the last stop for the bullfighter – the Chapel.

Spain, Cathedral, Alcazar, Gardens, Bullfighting

The day wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t pose in front of a statue at the bullfighting ring like the big dork that I am. In case you don’t see it, I’m acting like a ferocious bull…

Spain, Cathedral, Alcazar, Bullfighting, Gardens

With my trusty travel partner! I love him. 🙂

Spain, Alcazar, Cathedral, Bullfighting, Gardens, Plaza de Espana

Probably my favorite part of Sevilla, the Plaza de España. It’s just so big with intricate detailing and beautiful tile work. Set in the Maria Luisa gardens, it’s a quite impressive.

Spain, Alcazar, Cathedral, Bullfighting, Gardens, Plaza Espana

Like I mentioned yesterday, each province of Spain is represented along the front facade of the Plaza de España.

If you ever make it over to Spain, I highly recommend Sevilla as a stop on your trip! From the Costa del Sol, it’s about a two hour car ride, and from Madrid, it’s only about two and half hours on the bullet train. Be warned, though – summer is HOT. I’ve been told that August and September are absolutely unbearable, which I can only assume is the case since the heat in May was quite scorching during the day. Otherwise, there is just so much to see and do in Sevilla!

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