Cheers to the crab goggles!

After a three day work week, my first weekend back was a three day weekend. Lucky me! The Queen’s birthday was on Monday, and the residents of Gibraltar take all matters of the crown very seriously. Therefore, Monday was enjoyed by us who work and live in Gibraltar, and I certainly cannot complain about that. My first weekend back in Europe wasn’t jam-packed with activity, nor was it boring. I would say it was the perfect start to summer…

Thanks in large part to the weather in our area, I spent a lot of time in the pool last weekend. I can’t remember the last time I seriously swam in a pool without the worry of getting my hair wet (us blondes have to be careful when it comes to chlorine!). I’ve decided that this summer, I just don’t care. Matt and I started Saturday off with a trip to Carrefour, which is like a local Walmart. Our mission? Groceries for the long weekend (supermarkets aren’t open on Sunday) and yard accessories. We got floats for the pool, new pillows for the seats around our outdoor table, citronella candles to keep the bugs away at night, and goggles. Matt got himself regular no-fuss goggles; I purchased a pair of “crab goggles,” as I’ve started to lovingly refer to them. These goggles make me so happy. They seriously bring out the inner-child within me! We spent the rest of Saturday “testing out my new goggles.” Basically, like a little kid, I swam under water a whole bunch. I even invented a “clean the pool” game, which involved me swimming to the bottom to collect leaves. I know – I’m one crazy kid!

Swimming in my crab goggles!

That evening we met our friends out for dinner at one of our favorite local spots, La Finca. We were seated at a lovely table outside and enjoyed an array of spicy Thai food. As always, dinner was followed by cocktails and a couple games of pool in the back. To top off the night, our friends joined us back at our home for awhile to continue catching up and chatting. The crab goggles were a hit among everyone. 😉

Sunday and Monday were spent in pretty much the same fashion. Lots of swimming and sunning. Except we decided that it would be fun to have my boyfriend, the swimmer, teach me the proper way to freestyle. That turned into a lesson on how to do the proper flip-turn. In the end, I had the best teacher you could possibly get and now we have a new exercise routine for the summer. I always thought swimming laps for exercise looked boring, and let’s face it, tough! Yet, with Matt showing me the right way to do it, I learned that it’s actually a great workout. I’ve always known that it’s easier on your body than running, but I’ve never been a big swimmer. And although I get pretty worn out at this point, the old mantra rings true: “practice makes perfect.” There will be a lot of practicing in my pool this summer!

The table now has colorful pillows to spice up the decor and place mats for chowing down.

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3 thoughts on “Swimfan

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  2. Patty

    Love the goggles 🙂

  3. Gina

    The pool is so crystal clear!

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