Date Night

Date Night, Gibraltar, King's Bastion, Prometheus

A little blurry, but you get the idea.

I can’t remember the last time that Matt and I had an official date night. And by that I mean dinner and an activity planned in advance. Sure, we’ll decide on whim to forgo cooking at home for a dinner out from time to time. However, that’s merely a desire to have someone else cook and clean for us, because we’re feeling too lazy to go grocery shopping. Last night, though, Matt and I planned an actual date night, which involved dinner followed by a movie.

I’ve been dying to see the movie Prometheus since my first peek at the trailer months ago. I’m a nerd in the fact that I love science fiction, therefore I love the Alien movies. The first Alien movie, done by Ridley Scott, was easily the best of the franchise, so when I heard that he directed Prometheus, my inner-geek screamed. We don’t go to the movies very often in our neck of the woods, because in Spain they are in Spanish, and in Gibraltar, movies only stay in the theater for a limited time and we usually miss their showings. For example, I still haven’t seen The Hunger Games, because it was only in theaters here for a week, maybe two. So, Matt and I planned to go to dinner after work, followed by the nine o’clock showing of Prometheus at King’s Bastion Leisure Centre.

Cafe Rojo, Gibraltar, Date Night, Prometheus

A look at the bowling alley area of King’s Bastion Leisure Centre.

We started our date night with dinner at Cafe Rojo, located in Irish Town off of Main Street in Gibraltar. People rave about this restaurant for having a fantastic menu and high quality cuisine. Matt has been there a couple times, but I’d never been, so I was very much looking forward to it. Cafe Rojo has a quaint, but elegant feel when you step inside. Roses and candles adorn all of the tables, with matching red linen. The menu includes dishes like roasted lamb shoulder, half honey roast duck, steamed and grilled fish of all kinds, and a robust pasta and risotto section. Usually, I would have ordered a risotto, because when done well, it’s one of my favorite dishes (Matt makes a mean Parmesan risotto). However, I was in the mood for fish, so I enjoyed a fresh salmon in a lemon, parsley, and garlic butter sauce, while Matt devoured a spicy beef salad. It really is a lovely little place and I’m keen to go back sometime to dig in to any of their other raved about dishes.

King's Bastion, Cafe Rojo, Date Night

Tickets bought!

Next it was off to King’s Bastion Leisure Centre for the movie. This place has it all, since it serves as Gibraltar’s center for entertainment. Built into the side of the old wall, the leisure center has a bowling alley, pool tables and arcade games, a gym, a movie theater, an ice skating rink, a wine bar, a restaurant, and much more. We’ve been there to bowl before and I’ve been once to see a movie with some girlfriends. We don’t spend much time there, but when we have a hankering for an indoor activity, this is the place to go.

As for the movie itself, Prometheus was awesome! While I may be a critic of literature, I am not when it comes to movies. I go to the movies simply to be entertained, and this movie accomplished just that. It was creepy, visually stunning, and full of interesting plot developments that left me talking about it after. We even did a bit of internet research when we got home to read about what others thought certain elements were meant to portray. I may not go to the movies often, but I sure am glad we took an evening to see Prometheus.

All in all, not only was I with the cutest date, but it was a really fun night. While stopping for a bite to eat on a whim from time to time is certainly nothing to complain about, especially since I love the food here, it was special to actually plan an evening from start to finish.

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  1. I love Cafe Rojo. The lamb in there is amazing!

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