Mundane Musings

In honor of summer, my musings center around all things beach and fun. To officially kick off summer, a friend just let me know that tomorrow night, Spain celebrates La Noche de San Juan. Apparently, the beaches in our area (and all over Spain), including the one in our neighborhood, will be alive with festivities throughout the night. Bonfires and partying are set to commence and continue until the wee hours of the morning! Sounds like we now have Saturday night plans. 🙂 Until then, enjoy some of the things that are putting me in the mood for all-night festivals and summer in general.

These colorful Erin Lightfoot porcelain bangles are so unique and fun. They’d accessorize with just about any outfit selection and I think they’d especially be fun for a Spanish summer!

I recently made this barbeque chicken pasta dish, recipe courtesy of Eat, Live, Run, and it was incredible. The sauce was light and perfect for summer, while the spice gave just the right amount of kick. Jenna’s recipes are not only easy to follow, but 100% worth making. Every time I make one of her recipes, we devour the dish in minutes. The best part is that she promotes healthy living, so most of her recipes fill you right up without being too heavy. Seriously, check out her website; I’m there every day looking for something new.

Finally, I’m absolutely loving these old swimsuit, weight-gain advertisements I’ve seen randomly on the Internet. No matter your figure, stop worrying about how you look in your bathing suit (which I’m guilty of) and just have fun this summer. Curves = SEX APPEAL ladies! My favorite two quotes:

“There’s no use shutting our eyes to the fact that ‘sex appeal’ – an attractive, well-developed figure with all its feminine allure – is a big contributing part to a girl’s happiness and success.”

“Now there’s no need to be ‘skinny’ and friendless, even if you never could gain an ounce before.”

{image via The Spokesman-Review}

{image via babble}

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2 thoughts on “Mundane Musings

  1. I really like the Status Quo of this article. Love you!

  2. I just saw this post and love it! I’ve seen those old weight gain ads online too and love the idea that more curves gives more feminine/sex appeal. I am definitely guilty of being too harsh when it comes to swimsuit season since I’ve gotten curvier but sometimes you’ve just gotta give yourself a little slack and just enjoy!

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