Independence Day

4th of July, Independence Day, American Flag, Barbeque, Fireworks

With Matt gone, I had to take this myself, and let’s just say I’m not too skilled at self-portraits! You get the idea though…

I may be a day late, but a belated Happy 4th of July to all of my American friends and family! I celebrated here as best as I could. Unfortunately, my American partner-in-crime (read: boyfriend) was out of town for meetings, so I was the sole and lonesome American in this neck of the woods. Never fear, though, because my European friends rallied and did their best to show their support! On the 3rd, we had a company gathering at the offices and luckily for me, the balloons were red, white and blue to represent the colors of our new brand. Well, at the end of the party I stole a couple and tied them to my chair for the next day. However, when I arrived, they had doubled in quantity! My sneaky friends at the office made my desk more festive with extra balloons and left a “Happy 4th of July” note for me.

Dressed in my 4th of July best, people stopped by throughout the day to admire my decked out corner of the office. I matched my surroundings in a white and blue dress, white cardigan, and an American flag scarf (yes, I own an American flag scarf). That evening, a few friends invited me to join them at Gaucho’s for an Argentinian steak. They concluded that a steak at Gaucho’s was the closest I would get to an American barbeque, and they were right. We had a lovely time sitting outside, feasting on Gaucho’s amazing cuisine (I’ve mentioned this place on more than one occasion), and an American passerby even commented on my scarf. I guess Matt and I aren’t alone down here!

Though it would have been wonderful to have the day off to barbeque, shoot fireworks, and be with family and friends back home, I think this European twist had its own charm. I felt extremely patriotic all day and I never once forgot how thankful I am to the men and women who fight every day to keep America free. I am proud to be an American, and yesterday, not a single European could doubt that one bit.

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