Summer Barbecues

There is nothing quite like lighting up the barbecue during the summer months; hotdogs and hamburgers are the ticket to tasty food and good atmosphere. Barbecues also give you a reason to socialize with friends, because who doesn’t like hanging around the barbecue, drinking a beer and chatting away the early evening? I am not the only one who feels this way over here, because we’ve got a couple summer barbecues under our belt so far. In fact, I think it’s about our turn to reciprocate!

At our friend’s house for an evening barbecue. They cooked up mini-burgers and the best wings I’ve had since coming to Europe!

We will make FIRE!!!

What barbecue isn’t complete without a bit of playtime with newly adopted kitties?

My barbecue “garb.”

At another barbecue in Gibraltar. Check out the view of Africa!


Sunset on the Rock of Gibraltar.

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2 thoughts on “Summer Barbecues

  1. I am a fan of barbecues, of course I am from the deep South. In fact, the way you cherish barbecues, I thought you must be too, until I noticed you were in Europe. You mean they actually barbecue in Europe? I figured that would be against the law, especially in France.

  2. Actually, I am from Texas and grew up in the United States, so that’s definitely where my love for a good bbq comes from – good call! I live in the south of Spain right now and have a few British friends who also love to bbq.

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