Fabulous Friday

This post is going to substitute for my failed Mundane Musings post, which may or may not get resurrected. I say “may not” because all the good stuff happens on Friday now! So, in honor of what used to be my musings, here is a look at what Friday had in store for me and Matt.

We get the best food at the office, and yesterday was no exception. On the right you see the European rendition of Southern Fried Chicken. Though it’s not quite as southern as I would have hoped, it was delish. And on the left was a salad with noodles, prosciutto, and asparagus.

How crazy is that low cloud cover over the Mediterranean Sea and surrounding the Rock of Gibraltar?! Beautiful and a tad eerie at the same time…

We went out last night with some coworkers to this Argentinian tapas grill in La Linea, the Spanish town that borders Gibraltar. That plate had ribs, steak, chorizo and potatoes. Don’t worry, the plate of meat was shared.

Towards the end of dinner, I noticed a man walking around selling these light-up ears for only two euros. I mean, come on! Two euros? Sold! A kid at heart, I love things like this. But when Matt and I began our walk back to the car, I noticed a group of kids running around and passed off the ears for their amusement. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Fabulous Friday

  1. Patty

    The meat doesn’t look so great..:(

  2. Yeah, I loved the chorizo which is being covered by everything else, and the steak was pretty good, but the rest was iffy.

  3. Patty

    Ur goofy

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