200 Posts and Counting

I’ve hit an achievement on the blog space. Last week, with my book review of Nothing to Envy, I officially reached 200 posts. I cannot believe it. On a day-to-day basis, I write this blog almost mindlessly, meaning that I’ve become so accustomed to sharing my European experiences with you, that it’s second nature now. However, when I saw that I’d written 200 posts, I thought back to the reason I started this blog. The memory of making that great leap of faith (and let’s face it, love) to Ireland was so exciting and scary, that I could think of nothing better than to document it for all of my friends and family back home. I’ve gone through some tough times, but a whole lot of great ones as well, and I’m just so glad that I have this blog to look back on my European experiences.

Now, I don’t really have anything special prepared to celebrate this occasion. Therefore, it feels appropriate to just continue on as normal and share our Spanish experiences of the weekend. I basically spent the weekend documenting our activities through the food we ate – do not read on an empty stomach. 😉

200 Posts, European Experiences, Spain, Spanish, Ireland, Tapas

On Friday night, Matt decided to try his hand at making sushi. He’s actually done it before and was successful, but we’re taking baby steps. The first time we had vegetable sushi, this time (what you see above) he made “Texas” sushi. We call it that because there is cooked beef inside! We’ve actually had something similar to this at a restaurant in San Diego, so I asked if he’d try to recreate it. He marinaded the beef in teriyaki and rolled it with fresh veggies. It was delicious.

200 Posts, European Experiences, Spain, Spanish, Ireland, Tapas

This next culinary treat is one of Matt’s favorites – cream cheese and bacon bit crescent rolls. If I can find the crescent roll dough at Morrison’s in Gibraltar (it’s not always in stock), I buy a bunch and we splurge on the weekends. They are so easy to make, so we had them on Saturday for lunch, and then again Sunday evening to munch on while watching NFL football.

200 Posts, European Experiences, Spain, Spanish, Ireland, Tapas

I had to share this picture – this is one of my new favorite beverages for the weekend. Shandy is so light and refreshing with a low alcohol content, therefore I’ve deemed it the perfect poolside drink. Unfortunately, I don’t know how many more poolside days I have in the near future – it’s certainly starting to feel more and more like fall around here. Behind the Shandy is the book I’m currently reading, titled Shantaram. It’s taken me a little while to get into, but it is starting to pick up – I’m sure a book review will be in order once I’ve finished it.

The below is strictly for your entertainment (as well as mine). I locked him out of the house Saturday night after he gave me attitude. I was kind enough to allow him to continue watching football, though. 😉

200 Posts, European Experiences, Spain, Spanish, Ireland, Tapas

*Not pictured: we had a fantastic meal at a restaurant/tapas place down the road that we’d never tried before. Among the dishes we enjoyed were fried goats cheese with a rose petal purée, a tapas portion spinach and ricotta cannelloni, mini hamburgers, and a red wine beef and rice stew. We’ll be going back.

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  1. Patty

    Hope for 200 more 🙂

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