Home-made Pizza

Morrison's, Gibraltar, Spain, Pizza Delivery, Pizza-Making Kit, Dinner

Our home-made pizza straight out of the oven!

Here’s the thing about Spain, and in particular, the town we live in – delivery pizza doesn’t exist. Go on, I’ll give you a moment to think about that.

Pizza is just not the same over here. In Ireland, we had Domino’s, and we could even order the pizza online and then track the order like the Domino’s back home. Who doesn’t love to order a pizza for delivery on a rainy night, or for a football game, or just because? Well, after a year of living in Spain, we’ve done tons of research into the ability to order pizza to the house, and it just doesn’t seem to be an option. The pizza places we’ve contacted either don’t deliver, or won’t deliver to our town, Alcaidesa. Therefore, we’ve come up with our own solution: home-made pizza!

Don’t get too excited, though – I don’t make the dough on my own. That’s just a feat I’m not willing to tackle any time soon. After all, how many baking posts have you seen on my blog in all 200+ posts? I actually discovered a pizza-making kit at Morrison’s that works time and time again. It includes the dough, which just needs to be rolled out, and the sauce. It makes two small, square pizzas and any time I make it over to Morrison’s in Gibraltar, I pick it up. The expiration date on it also allows us to keep it for awhile before needing to use it, so I usually stock up on a couple. 😉

Last night, we pulled out the pizza-kit for a quick and easy dinner. Though not the same as delivery, we still get to choose exactly what goes on the pizza and the preparation is simple. We put together a simple combination last night – cheese and salami. We also sprinkled a bit of oregano and red chili flakes on top for added flavor. Thanks to our convection oven (which are a staple in Europe), the cook time was quick and we were eating in no time. From start to stomach, the process most likely took the same amount of time that a delivery would have with an end result that was just as yummy.

Morrison's, Gibraltar, Spain, Pizza Delivery, Pizza-Making Kit, Dinner

Cooking away in the convection oven. Seriously, everyone should have one of these.

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4 thoughts on “Home-made Pizza

  1. Dad

    That looks good. You can make me one next time you’re home!

  2. Patty

    Looks good!

  3. Emily you should totally get into making your own dough! It’s so easy and brings out the messy kid within who always played with their food 🙂 if you ever want a good recipe for dough or sauce, let me know!!

  4. Thanks Addy! Yeah, I should try at some point. When I get up the courage to do so, I will be messaging you for recipes!

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