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The devil and his little angel.

Over the weekend, our company hosted a Halloween party. I’m not typically a huge Halloween fan. Please don’t hate me, but I’m not a huge fan of dressing up – or fancy dress as they call costume parties over here. Whether it be laziness or just lack of creativity, I can’t seem to get into the spirit of Halloween. Last year, I feigned illness on the day of the company Halloween party so that I wouldn’t have to go. Yep – just like a little kid, I pretended to be sick.

In an effort not to miss out on a party with free food and beverage, I decided I’d try a little harder this year. Matt and I talked for awhile about what we wanted to go as, but it didn’t hit me until the day before. Matt loves to wear suits, so I figured he could go as a devil. Why a devil in a suit, you ask? There have been “imitations” of the devil in movies where he is in a suit, so I figured he would get to wear his suit and be dressed up at the same time. I bought him devil horns and a pitchfork, and then he accented it with red sunglasses. Naturally, I decided to go as his counterpart, an angel. I bought myself some wings and a halo, wore a white dress with a silver belt and silver shoes, and attempted to get as much glitter on my face as possible – I was a tiny bit unsuccessful there, but the rest of the outfit came together nicely.

Costumes, Company, Party, Devil, Angel

Unfortunately, Axl is covering Slash’s face, but it’s a fun picture. Plus, you can see my wings. 🙂

The party itself ended up being quite fun, much to my Halloween-hating surprise. We have some pretty creative co-workers: there was a couple that went as Legos that even fit together through well-placed Lego-sized holes in the back of her costume – they won best couple costume; a couple friends of ours went as Axl and Slash from Guns N’ Roses – her wig was epic, and paired with the rest of the get-up, she won best female costume; there was a couple with zipper faces that were so realistically creepy, that he won the prize for best male costume; and then, of course, you had your black cats and zombies and witches galore.

Matt and I didn’t stay late. I’m still recovering from a pesky back injury, so by the end of the work week filled with pain, I was exhausted and ready for my comfortable bed. I have to say, though, I was pleasantly surprised with our Halloween outing. Usually the Scrooge of Halloween, I actually tried this year and didn’t have a bad time.

Halloween, Costume, Devil, Angel

We set that up nicely, didn’t we?

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