Birthday Celebrations

Pura Tapa, Kamakura, Tapas, Japanese, Sushi

My third birthday abroad with this guy. He’s pretty cute.

My birthday was last Friday and boy did I have a wonderful weekend! It wasn’t the crazy affair of years past – the further I age and leave college in the past, the more energy I lose for celebratory occasions. I guess that’s all part of the process, right? Nonetheless, I had a great time celebrating with Matt and a couple of friends over the weekend, and to top things off, our little family of two became a little family of three. 🙂

Friday was my actual birthday, so I went into work as usual. Matt surprised me with a bunch of co-workers at the end of one of my meetings – they busted in with cakes and candles, and even sang “happy birthday.” My dear friend Tina brought the cakes and her two kids whom I adore, so that was a great surprise (thanks Tina!). It is now that I want to mention that my birthdays for the past two years have been quite uneventful. Last year, we had just moved to Spain and were settling in, so we didn’t really know anyone very well yet. I wasn’t working and so Matt and I enjoyed a nice meal out and then went home for a “night cap” while watching a movie. The year before that, I had just moved to Dublin, so it was a bit of the same. I didn’t really have good friends yet, so the two of us went out for dinner then back home. This was the first year in three years that we didn’t move, so it put a huge smile on my face to have friends make my day special in the office.


Watching our steaks blaze with heat!

Friday night, Matt and I went out for tapas at one of my favorite spots, Pura Tapa. Since it was pouring rain, the inside was packed and by the time we got there, it was standing room only. That was okay with us, because the atmosphere was fun and the service standing at the bar was much quicker than it would have been had we been sitting at a table. We enjoyed some of our favorite dishes, some wine, and then went home to veg on the couch and watch a movie. I guess you could say we were keeping tradition alive.

The next day, Saturday, we joined a couple of our friends for sushi at a Japanese restaurant, Kamakura. We sat at the habachi grill and watched as the “master chef” lit things on fire and prepared a fantastic meal. I love the sushi there, especially the tempura roll, so by the time dinner was over, I was full and saying that we should eat there more often. Though their food is way overpriced, it is excellent for special occasions.

Though dinner was amazing and the company was great, I think we were all itching to get home. You see, before heading out to dinner, we made a stop at La Finca to collect a special package that would become the newest addition to the Lauck/Primeaux family. I’ll leave you with a picture, but there will be more to come on that tomorrow. 😉

Birthday, Pura Tapa, Japanese, Sushi, Kamakura

More on this little man and how he came to be ours tomorrow!

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