General McFluffybutt

Kitten, Adoption

Me and my little man, the General, shortly after adoption.

As promised, I now give you the tale of how a kitten came to be part of our family…

We eat at La Finca, the Thai fusion restaurant in our neighborhood, quite often. If you are a follower of this blog, you’re saying to yourself, “Oh yeah, I’ve heard that name a time or two.” Well, it was during a meal there one evening that we noticed a kitten lurking about. One of the owners told us he’d taken up residence in the tree in their front courtyard, and while we were there, he kept scampering underneath a stone fountain. Week after week he continued to reside in their courtyard, while talks of us adopting the kitten were thrown onto the table. Neither Matt, nor I, were 100% sure it was a responsibility we wanted to take on.

When the weather started to take a turn for the south, however, I started to change my mind. It became chilly overnight and the Andalucian rains started to roll in. We’re talking constant downpour. The thought of this little kitten living out in the cold, wet wild made me sad. Then, I also remembered that La Finca closes for two months in the winter and I thought, “who will feed him when they’re closed?!” I finally voiced my thoughts to Matt, who agreed that adopting the kitten maybe wasn’t such a bad idea…on one condition. Matt told me we could adopt the kitten if he could pick his name. Thus, the plan to make General McFluffybutt a member of our family began.

With the help and advice of our friends, and fellow cat owners (they have 4!), Damon and Jo, we hatched a plan to rescue the little guy on Saturday night. They let us borrow their kitten crate and we went armed with tuna. Unfortunately, part one of the plan didn’t exactly go off without a hitch – General McFluffybutt wasn’t there! The owners of La Finca, though, were more than happy to take the crate, corral him when he finally turned up, and give us a call to come get him. About 30 minutes before we were to head out for dinner at Kamakura, they called.

Let’s hope this cutie gets a clean bill of health!

We brought General McFluffbutt home to a fully pimped out “cat home.” In anticipation for his arrival, Matt and I bought a three story climbing tree, a scratching post, a comfy bed, toys, food, litter box and everything a kitten could need. I was nervous our first night with him – but he popped right out of the crate and started sniffing around. By the end of the night, I was snoozing with him in my arm.

That isn’t to say it hasn’t been a little touch and go. To be expected, he’s a little anxious about his new surroundings. He likes to run to the basement and hide under the couch, for example. Yet by the end of the day on Sunday, the three of us were watching movies on the couch. He was stretched out, purring, sleeping and playing. The past two mornings, he popped out of his bed as soon as I filled his bowl with food and began eating immediately.

And as I watched the pouring rain and whipping wind outside the other night, with the General safely passed out against my leg, I was so happy to know that he would never be stuck in that again. Keep your fingers crossed, though, that his tests for diseases comes back negative on Thursday! I’ve bonded with him too much to get any really bad news.

He’s already a USC fan!

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3 thoughts on “General McFluffybutt

  1. Patty

    He really is cute. Is he watching tv?

  2. Dad

    I like him. He’s lucky to be rescued from the coming winter weather, but not so lucky with the name.

  3. Gina

    See? Told ya! He knows he has a good gig! And a full food bowl! Watch his eating. Indoor cats tend to over eat. We measure our kitties food. No never ending food bowls. Get a laser toy and run his furry butt everyday. 🙂 he so has you under his paw! Let me know how the vet goes.

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