Why I Went Missing – Blame it on tradimo…

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You loving my professional picture for the site or what? 😉

It has been entirely too long since I’ve posted, and for that, I am sorry. The reason for my absence is pretty generic – work. However, where that is concerned, it has been a very exciting time. *Shameless plug to ensue.*

For those of you who do not know, my writing skills lend themselves to a company called tradimo.com. tradimo is an e-learning website that teaches and helps users navigate the financial trading waters. When I started with tradimo back in January 2011, we did not yet have a website, we had concepts for articles and my team was a lot different than it is today. Over the course of that year, and official in November, we launched our website with our beginning focus on a forex school. We now have loads of content, were featured in the German Financial Times and our forum is teeming with people who love to talk about the financial markets.

Since January, I’ve helped tradimo edit their content as it was created, focusing mainly on whether it was beginner-friendly. My basic knowledge of trading in the beginning was minimal at best. Now, I help coordinate and write the news, work with my team to come up with new ideas and I continue to edit the content where necessary. Our team has grown and so have our users! It was around November that I believe I dropped off the map here on the blogosphere, because we were working endlessly to get the website up and running.

I tell you all of this because: 1.) I am extremely proud of the work we’ve done and the content we’ve produced, so if you have a chance, check it out! 2.) I wanted you to know that in its own way, this has become one of my European adventures. However, I promise that with the New Year, I’ll come back into the blogging scene and share the comings and goings of 2013. Since it is my second year in Spain, I think I’ll be enjoying the Spanish flavour with a new perspective.

In the near future, some topics I can’t wait to discuss include…

  • General McFluffybutt – If you do not remember, The General is a kitten that joined our family and made me the happiest girl in the world! I love, love, love him.
  • Our engagement party – My sister, Melissa, hosted a gorgeous, amazing and ridiculously fun engagement party over the holidays. Did I mention it was amazing?!
  • Wedding plans – I’ve got a few things nailed down, like the venue, the cake and the band. I’m looking forward to sharing the details of the day! October 19th here we come.
  • All things Spain and Gibraltar – When we landed back in Spain after 3 weeks in the US recently, we were greeted by warmth and sunshine. I have a feeling 2013 in Spain is going to be great.
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One thought on “Why I Went Missing – Blame it on tradimo…

  1. Patty

    Glad you are back!

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