El General with the Fluffy Butt

Superbowl SundayFor a little Friday fun, I thought I’d give an update on how our adopted kitten is doing since he joined the family on November 3rd. Not a cat person? Neither was Matt until this little cutie joined us. His personality is certainly unique and he’s made me a very happy lady.

To start, we had to leave the General behind for 24 days while we travelled back to the US for the holidays. This extended holiday was the main reason we were so reluctant to adopt him in the first place. I was worried about finding him a decent place to live while we were gone. However, as one of my friends pointed out, “almost anything would be better than living under a fountain in the cold and rain, not knowing where his next meal would come from.” It was that sentiment that pushed us to take him and in the end, everything worked out.

Some co-workers of ours offered to take McFluffybutt for the extent of our stay. They too have a kitten, which I think we all worried might not work out – what if they hated each other?! And to be honest, according to their updates (which I got quite often, pictures included…best cat-sitters EVER), they did have a couple fights. However, towards the end of our stay in America, I started receiving pictures of the two kittens licking each other, snoozing together and chasing each other playfully. Our very own love story.

When we got back, I had a new worry – that he’d be unhappy coming home with us. However, I’m pleased to announce that the General is back to his normal self. He still sits on top of the couch while we eat dinner at the dining room table, hoping that Matt will turn around with a little treat from his plate. He also loves to saunter into our room almost exactly 30 minutes before the alarm is set to go off in the morning, jump onto the bed, and rub his head on my face. If that doesn’t get me up, he’ll start biting my cheeks and nose. He still climbs the couch like a tree (goodbye renter’s deposit) and sits by Matt’s feet while we watch TV so that he can monitor the activities happening outside.

A couple things have changed, though, which I think is just a sign that our little kitten is growing up. You can now scratch his belly without the fear that he’ll attack your hand with his teeth and claws. While he used to only lay on the couch with us at night, he now likes to lay on the soft things we’ve placed on the floor – Matt’s USC blanket, a little bed my Mom sent me back with, etc. Apparently, he also likes to tear things apart now…I found a ripped up tag that used to hang from one of our guest room beds the other morning. I guess it’s doors closed from now on!

All in all, I’m glad our little family is back together. And with neither Matt nor I planning on travelling together for an extended period of time for quite awhile, he can rest happy knowing that at least one of us will be there with him in 2013.

I like to beg

Here he is, shamelessly waiting for an opportunity to steal a bit of “human food.”

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2 thoughts on “El General with the Fluffy Butt

  1. Gina

    I was wondering how staying with your friends and their kitty would work out. Cats do not like change! Especially with other kitties in the picture. Some balk if you move their box a few feet. I am so glad it went ok! He is adorable! It’s hard, but you can work on furniture scratching to avoid future mishaps if you don’t want to declaw. I couldn’t do that. We have to watch Millie. The boys are pretty good about using the scratching posts. :-). Post more picks on FB of the General!

  2. Patty

    He ripped the tag up because it was hanging down asking to be played with. Anything hanging and swinging is fair game for a cat 🙂

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