Settling Back Into My European Home

Coming home to a house that hasn’t been lived in for 24 days can cause a massive headache quickly. Even if you clean it before leaving, it’s bound to feel musty and dirty upon arrival, which is exactly how our house felt when we got back from the States. Since we spent the first few days home cleaning and putting all of our stuff away, we were able to spend the weekend doing a little home decorating to spruce up the place to give it a little facelift for the new year.

The first thing we did was decorate the front entryway table. We use the bottom shelf to house our keys, sunglasses, passports, etc., but the top was feeling a little plain. So, we added the “Home Sweet Home” pillow, the candle display in the middle, an elephant (it’s my favorite animal and can be found all over my house) and a picture frame of Matt and his brother with their grandfather.

Our new and improved entry way.

Our new and improved entry way.

A gorgeous flower display I had to pick up while grocery shopping yesterday.

A lovely flower bouquet to replace my poinsettias.

While out grocery shopping yesterday, I spotted a gorgeous bouquet of flowers filled with whites and yellows and greens and pinks. As much as I love it when Matt buys me flowers, sometimes it’s just nice to buy yourself some instead. My poinsettias were struggling a little after being left unattended for over 3 weeks, so I replaced them with these beauties and my dining/living room area immediately transformed.

Not pictured is a cookbook stand I bought for the kitchen to hold up my favorite Barefoot Contessa cookbook and an old, silver wine bottle coaster that was given to me and Matt by his grandparents immediately following our engagement. Though there is a bottle currently sitting on this, it will stay corked for a little while, because we’re trying to have a “healthier January.” Along with the cookbook, these little trinkets have given my kitchen an extra pizazz.

However, no matter how nice we attempt to make our home, some things about living around here will never change. Sitting in a border queue for an hour means less time spent in my cozy space. Hey, you win some, you lose some…

Here I am just sitting on the airport runway in the border queue.

Here I am just sitting in the middle of the airport runway in the border queue.

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2 thoughts on “Settling Back Into My European Home

  1. Patty

    House looks pretty. Glad you settled back safely.

  2. Gina

    Can you have Matt explain the art of giving flowers to a woman to my husband? LOL. Glad you have settled back into your routine nicely. 🙂

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