Mongolian Beef

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Our Mongolian beef basically looked just like this copycat recipe of P.F. Chang’s! {photo courtesy of}

This week I made a delicious Mongolian beef recipe, courtesy of a P.F. Chang’s copycat recipe I found at Mommy Savers. Since Matt is a huge fan of Asian food – Japanese, Chinese, Thai, sushi, beef, noodles, you name it – I’m always trying to find new recipes I can do at home that taste like the real thing. This recipe seemed not only doable, but easy enough that I’ll be happy to remake it often.

Matt and I changed ours up just a bit from the original recipe, though, because we love adding veggies to our rice. We used brown rice instead and cut out the green onions, since neither of us is really a fan. Matt loves broccoli, so he steamed some broccoli to add to his dish. I prefer carrots, so we sautéed some chopped carrots and added that to mine. The beef was easy to make and the sauce was a winner – Matt claimed that this may be one of his favorite dishes that we’ve made in recent months.

It’s just too bad that I forgot to take any photos of our end result – we were just too excited to dig into our dish! However, ours looked almost exactly the same as the photo featured on Mommy Savers. I definitely recommend this dish if you have a hankering for Asian take-out, but want to leave all the nasty preservatives behind.

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2 thoughts on “Mongolian Beef

  1. wow, your dish looks amazing and delicious ^^

  2. Gina

    Sounds good! I will have to try it!

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