Superbowl Sunday on a Beautiful Weekend

Matt and I spent the weekend rather lazily, because we were blessed with such beautiful weather! I can’t even express how nice it is at the beginning of February to be able to open our windows and doors, watch the kitten play in the garden and just relax. I even sat out in the sun on Sunday for most of the day reading a book! We also cooked some really good food in anticipation for the Superbowl – this is a yearly tradition, even if we find it difficult to stay up to actually watch the game (thanks to the time change). Below I’ll share some photos from our relaxed, but refreshing weekend. The only things missing are dinner at El Estribo (a steak place recently introduced to us by friends) on Friday evening and lunch at the port in Sotogrande on Saturday. All in all, we certainly took advantage of this lovely weekend.

Superbowl Sunday

This little guy had a grand time exploring our garden on Saturday! He’s really been loving his new freedom.


We started our Superbowl Sunday off with a most delicious brunch – dim sum and mimosas! And yes, because brunch basically served as lunch too, there are chips on my plate. 😉

Superbowl Sunday

I then took my mimosa from brunch out to our lounge chairs to read…and I didn’t move for hours! I’m totally into this Stephen King book, 11.22.63, where the main character is given the opportunity to travel back in time to prevent the Kennedy assassination. Seriously, I’m devouring it.

Superbowl Sunday

I haven’t shared a beautiful photo of Gibraltar from our house in quite some time. While I was preparing our “Superbowl Sunday” dinner, I just happened to look out the window to this site. Breathtaking, isn’t it? You can really see the lights and mountains of Morocco behind the Rock of Gibraltar.

Cincinnati Skyline Chili Dogs

We decided to break-out the Skyline Chili mix that we brought back from Cincinnati for our Superbowl Sunday evening feast! And yes, more champagne, don’t judge us. You can see my Chili dogs on the left, untainted and made just like the folks in Cincinnati do. On the right, you can see that Matt has ruined his with ketchup… 😉

Superbowl Sunday

And one more of The General. He makes staying home on the weekends our #1 option and just so enjoyable.

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One thought on “Superbowl Sunday on a Beautiful Weekend

  1. Gina

    He’s adorable. You can have your coneys. I will take a dog with mustard and relish, please! That view is incredible! You live the life, girl!

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