How to Pass the Time for 7 Solo Days

My protector. :)

My protector.

Matt went out of town last week to head up to a conference in London, leaving me for 7 days. It always bums me out when he goes out of town for longer than a couple days, because let’s face it, I’m marrying the guy so I must enjoy his company! I find it easy to be on my own, though, since I did live by myself for quite some time following college. There’s something nice about cooking whatever you want, whenever you want, and coming and going on your own time; sharing a car down here has produced its fair share of difficulties.

So what does a gal do for a week while her significant other is out of town? Well, for one, the little fur ball and I became the best of friends. I’d always said I would never let a pet sleep in my bed with me, but for a full seven days, the two of us snoozed at night side-by-side. Over the weekend, I also let him play outside quite a bit. At one point, I was in the kitchen making myself breakfast, the sliding door open to the beautiful day, while the kitten stretched out on the patio in the sun just outside of the door. It’s like he knew that while Matt was gone he was supposed to look after me, because he never ventured far from the house during “play time.”

Photo courtesy of {how sweet it is}

I also cooked some food I’ve been interested in trying, but couldn’t because I knew Matt wouldn’t like it. The crazy guy hates fish, but I love all kinds of fish, shrimp especially as of late. I know it’s not difficult to prepare two different meals, especially if the sides are the same, but I just find it so much easier to eat the same thing – call me lazy. That’s why while he was gone, I finally made a recipe I’ve been interested in trying – Spicy Parmesan Shrimp Skillet, courtesy of a food blog called “how sweet it is.” Not only was the preparation quick and perfect for a weeknight meal, it was tasty and I got my shrimp fix! I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite shrimp dish, though – I still think the shrimp taco recipe I recently  found takes the top spot.

In addition to my time with the General and the modified menu choices catered to my taste buds only, I caught up on some “girly” movies that Matt isn’t really interested in, but that I’ve been wanting to see. My favorite of the bunch? Pitch Perfect. Now, I had my doubts about this movie. It seemed a bit corny and as singing movies/shows go, I’m more of a serious musical fan and less into the “Glee” craze. However, this movie was so entertaining! While it definitely poked fun at the genre, the music was great and the cast was delightful.

Saturday was a particularly gorgeous day, so I went for a run around the neighborhood, read a book on the patio and then grabbed dinner with some friends. Team activities after work kept me busy on a couple evenings, and a lovely lunch was spent with a girlfriend – we had a great time gabbing and catching up. I have to say, I really appreciate my friends who keep me busy while Matt is away. Otherwise, it would be a long week. And as always, I got a great Skype call in with my family, which always fills a lonely night – it’s as though they are there on the couch with me.

All in all, there was nothing extraordinary about being alone for seven days, however, there were some nice changes to the normal routine. However, even though I was able to keep myself entertained, there was nothing better than seeing Matt’s face in the crowd when I’m picked him at the border on Sunday evening. 🙂

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