A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Golf, Spain, Blanco, Beach, Beach Bar

I hit my best shot on this hole. I couldn’t have known that before taking this picture – quite the coincidence!

Last weekend, Matt and I decided to hang around our neighborhood and truly appreciate what the urbanization of La Alcaidesa has to offer. Sure, we eat at La Finca often, but it’s been forever since we’ve played a round of golf and after taking my friends to the beach bar, I thought it was such a shame that Matt and I had never eaten there. Therefore, we decided to get out of the house while staying in the neighborhood…

On Saturday we woke up slowly and lazily. My friend Merlinda was such a pal to leave me a book she was travelling with, since getting an English language novel is more difficult for me over here. Did I mention that she hadn’t even read it yet? (Mer, I promise to bring the book back next time I’m home.) So, instead of the usual Saturday morning check the email, check the Facebook, etc., I woke up, disconnected from the world and dove into another one. The General seemed to be a fan of our laziness since he also spent the morning in bed, purring and letting us cuddle to our heart’s delight.

Golf, Beach, Beach Bar, Blanco,

Teeing off on a par 3.

Following this particularly lazy morning, we decided to head up to the Alcaidesa Golf Club to see about playing a round of golf. Lucky for us, the July rates were much lower than the usual rate, and as Alcaidesa residents, they were even better for us. Since we’d played the ocean-side Links course, we decided to take on Heathland, their other course. The course took us through the hills of Alcaidesa and was surprisingly pretty empty, though we couldn’t complain about that. We’d had good foresight and brought a cooler filled with drinks and granola bars, and just took our time from hole to hole. I was pleasantly surprised by my game, considering I haven’t played for a year (though my putting stunk). However, there is still so much to improve on and we had such a great time, that I think another round is in our future for the coming weekend. The course is to be determined, but with summer green fees so low, I love spending a morning or afternoon golfing.

Beach Bar, Beach, Golf, Spain

Our view from our delicious lunch. We will be going back again for sure!

Following our round of golf, we hit up La Finca for dinner for two. We were exhausted, so we didn’t stick around to have drinks at the bar following dinner like we usually do. We did, however, have another fantastic meal. On special was their lobster pad Thai, which Matt didn’t hesitate to order. I’ll tell you what – this pad Thai came out with the full lobster, cut just right so that Matt could get at the meat. Perfect presentation, great flavour – it was a home run!

On Sunday, we decided to hit up the beach bar for lunch. We’ve been to Blanco a bunch of times for drinks, but have never ordered anything off of their menu to eat. And boy were we more than pleasantly surprised! We ordered three different types of empanadas to start, because naturally, we must see what we like! We ordered the chicken and pear, the Roquefort, and the ham and cheese. The Roquefort was a little too strong, but man were the other two fantastic! Then, we shared a salad of large tomatoes covered in feta and black olive, and a cheeseburger. Our experience with hamburgers in Spain have been pretty hit or miss, so we were delighted when we took our first bite and it was great. All in all, it was a wonderful lunch with a view that couldn’t be beat!

After spending the afternoon digesting our food in the sand, we made our way home to end the weekend. It is really neat that we are able to do so much without ever having to leave our neighborhood. It really was perfect for the type of weekend we were looking for – relaxing, close to home, but with just the right amount of activity.

La Alcaidesa, Golf, Beach, Beach Bar, Spain

I think this little guy was a fan of us staying around the neighborhood.

Golf, Spain, Beach, Beach Bar, The General

Matt taking to the tee. He claims his round wasn’t as good as the week before with the guys, but I thought he played great.

Spain, Golf, La Alcaidesa, Beach, Beach Bar

Sorry, another one! I’m telling you, he’s the perfect cuddle buddy!

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