Summer Heat

Yesterday was absolutely beautiful here on the Costa del Sol and I think that weather is here to stay. I’ve checked the weather forecast for our area, and other than a few showers over the weekend, it looks like sunshine and warm temperatures are in store for the forseeable future. At the start of spring, I wrote about the fashion inspirations I’d found on the Internet. Now, with the start of May and the beginning of summer, I’ve found more inspiration courtesy of Pinterest and my favorite fashion websites. Enjoy!

Summer Wardrobe, Heat, Inspiration, Weather, Sunshine

This beautiful, green blouse was discovered via Pinterest and I instantly fell in love. I adore green hues, especially in dresses and blouses. I decided to snatch up this exact blouse from its original website and had it delivered to my home in Texas to collect while I’m there at the start of June. I’m envisioning it with my white shorts, an adorable pair of wedges, and gold jewelry.

Summer Wardrobe, Inspiration, Heat, Sunshine, Weather

This gorgeous three-toned, pleated skirt was also a Pinterest find, courtesy of a website called Southern Charm. Not only does it look comfortable, but I love the white tee tucked in and the shape would be perfect for my frame (read – hips!). And how about those shoes?!

Summer Wardrobe, Inspiration, Weather, Heat, Sunshine

Um, yes please! Shorts are quite possibly my favorite wardrobe item in the world. I’ve never been known for owning many dresses, but I sure can dress-up and accessorize any pair of shorts! Don’t these just scream “summer” on the Costa del Sol? Again, Pinterest took me to this website where there is a lot to love.

Summer Wardrobe, Heat, Inspiration, Weather, Sunshine

Summer Wardrobe, Heat, Inspiration, Weather, Sunshine

Topshop is the source for this beautiful tie dye maxi on the left. Unfortunately, it’s hard to fit maxi dresses on my frame; they are almost always too short. I have short legs and a long torso, causing dresses like this to land above my ankles. That doesn’t mean I stop looking, though!

Finally, rompers are not a style trend that Matt likes, so I tend to avoid them. If I find one that is beautiful, like this gorgeous yellow romper, I may ignore Matt’s style preference. However, I would never spend the $295.00 that they are asking for this. This romper will just have to serve as inspiration alone.

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Mundane Musings

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for me to sprinkle you with random thoughts and happenings in our neck of the world. The mundane makes me happy, so these are the things making me happy right now!

Spring Fashion, Bacon, Water Chestnuts

Image courtesy of {Comics Cavern}; Art done by {Izabela Bratkowski}

I keep trying to start books, but then I don’t finish them. This is so not like me and my Book Club portion of the blog is starting to feel neglected. So, I recently started reading A Game of Thrones. I promised myself when I started it that I would finish it! That won’t be very hard, because it happens to be fantastic. I’ve only seen a couple episodes of the television series, so I must say, they really hit the nail on the head there. However, the book is better. That’s usually my mantra anyway – the books are almost always better! While I usually prefer to have the book in hand, I’ve tiptoed into the E-Book world and I have to say, it’s so convenient. I wanted to read this book, I bought it on the Ipad, and voilĂ , it was there! Don’t fret; this does not mean I’m giving up the paperback for good. And how haunting and chilling is this awesome art by Izabela Bratkowski that I found at Comics Cavern?!

Okay, it’s a little out of my comfort zone to pose solo for my blog. But I really got into my Spring Wardrobe post and was inspired to get some new slacks while waiting for my family to arrive last weekend. Now, I can’t even begin to stylistically pose like my fashion blog inspirations, but I don’t write a fashion blog, so I figure it’s okay! I had Matt take these before heading to work to point out a few things. 1.) Oh how I love my Mulberry bag! While she was here, Melissa inspired me to tie a scarf onto my bag for added color. So cute! 2.) These are two new pairs of slacks: a yellow and a blue. The yellow is a more relaxed fit, and you can’t see with the blue, but it came with an adorable brown belt. 3.) These are the only two pairs of sunglasses I own, but I love them. Jessica Simpson collection aviators on the left, gifted to me by my sister. Ray Ban sunnies on the right, gifted to me by Matt!

Spring Wardrobe, Game of Thrones

Image courtesy of {Six in the Suburbs}

I will be making these this weekend! These are bacon-wrapped water chestnuts and they are as delicious as they sound. Matt and I make them almost every time we host friends at our home. They are incredibly easy to prepare and just as easy to eat. We soak our water chestnuts for at least in hour in soy sauce. We then wrap them with bacon, sprinkle with a little brown sugar, and bake under the broiler until they are golden and gorgeous! Matt and I just love having appetizers for a meal, which means living in a country where tapas rule sure suits us!

San Roque, Spring Wardrobe, Game of Thrones, Water Chestnuts, Bacon

I apologize for the poor quality in this photo, but the lighting was low and it was taken with a phone. However, I have to share this because Matt and I found a new restaurant that we’ll be frequenting A LOT. It is called La Finca and it is located just outside of the entrance to our town. I’ve mentioned before that there are currently no open restaurants in our town and that there isn’t much to choose from close-by. La Finca is a Thai restaurant that’s popular in the area, but has been under construction for the past few months. Last night we drove by on a whim only to find that it’s reopened! I won’t divulge too much, because I plan on going back soon to do an entire post about it. I will tell you, though, that the food was fantastic… 🙂

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Spring Wardrobe

I don’t tend to share my fashion interests on this blog due to the fact that I try to stay true to its travel and European-living theme. However, this doesn’t mean that I don’t take an interest in style. From time to time I’ve given my readers a little peek at other fashion blogs I enjoy – The Beauty Department, for example – and I even went on a Pinterest streak, sharing some of my favorite pins. Well, I think it’s about time I take a small look at style since I left the house today sans jacket for the first time in a long time. It’s officially spring here and I need to start dressing like it! My love of black needs to hibernate until next fall – or at least take a backseat to some brighter colors.

Living in Dublin didn’t exactly inspire a bright wardrobe; the cooler and rainier atmosphere resulted in purchases of dark sweaters, jeans, jackets, etc. Therefore, I think a little wardrobe revamp is in order. I’m not a huge shopper, so this will probably happen over time. But in the meantime, I’ve got these fashionable blogs and ladies to use for inspiration along the way…

Pants, Capris, Style, Fashion

I am not nearly as fashion forward as Emily on Cupcakes and Cashmere, but I peruse her site nearly every day to see what she’s currently trending. I loved this post for two reasons: those pants are great and I have that bag! The complete look is fabulous, but those pants are specifically on my mind for a spring wardrobe update.

Fashion, Style, Capris, Pants

This entire outfit at The Glamourai is perfect summer chic, especially the Kelly Wearstler blouse. There is nothing better than a comfortable and silky blouse during the spring and summer.

Fashion, Style, Pants, Capris

I love this blue, pleated skirt that I saw on Pinterest, originally found on Lucy Laucht. I’m not too sure how a skirt like this would look on my frame, but if I stumble across something similar, I’ll at least give it a try.

Fashion, Style, Pants, Capris

I tend to be a trousers, shorts, and capris type of gal, so these trousers at Zara are definitely my style. I love the color, I love the fit, and I love the belt!

*I have to give a shout-out to my sister, Melissa, because she agreed to bring a couple of very lightweight, shorter-sleeved sweaters with her to Spain that I ordered and had sent to her residence. Clearly, she’s the best.

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My Reasons to Like Monday

Ah, the end of a weekend and start of another beautiful Monday. It’s no secret that most people loath Mondays, because they mean the next weekend is oh so far away. I’m not really minding this Monday, though. For me, it means sitting back down and really delving into writing. It’s lots and lots and lots of coffee, because I’ve given up the typical weekend “sleep ’til eleven” mentality. It also means I have a whole week to start reading a new advanced reader’s copy I have in my possession. There is something extremely fun about knowing that I have my hands on a book that has not yet been released to the masses!

So, to start off a new week of inspiration and creativity, this is what I’m currently loving:


This is not my hand, but this is the current color of my nails. I’m still trying to ward off that quickly approaching fall season.

I’m exercising again, which feels great! But, sometimes you need a little inspiration like this to get you going.


I’ve been seeing these “outfit creations” all over Pinterest. I love things like this, because it helps me figure out how to pull my outfits together.


Love her and I’ve gotta see The Help as soon as possible! I enjoyed the book tremendously, so I’m dying to see the movie.

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I’m feeling inspired.

As you may have noticed (and I hope you have since you should be an avid reader of mine ;)), I took a bit of a summer hiatus on the blogging front. I was enjoying my summer by spending time with friends and family, while helping Matt recover from his hip surgery. Well, now I’d like to ease back into the blogosphere by spending September sharing my favorite things from my new favorite obsession, Pinterest.

I’m inspired to do this little overhaul on the blog, because I cannot spend quite as much time “writing” as I used to. I am working on another writing project at the moment, but I didn’t want to abandon my creative space completely. Luckily, my discovery of Pinterest has sparked new inspired ideas and obsessions in areas like cooking, home decor, style & fashion, and so on. I hope you don’t mind if I share with you for awhile, as I explore this new website and experiment with some of the things I find. Mixed with my tried and true book reviews, September should be light and fun!

Here are a few new things I’m liking ~


If I ever lived in a perfect year-round climate and could set-up a backyard like this one, I’d never come inside.


Football season is almost here – who wouldn’t love to have some pizza bites to munch on while cheering on their favorite team?!

Her blog is already one of my favorites and she’s listed on my blogroll, so I “pinned” this summer look at Pinterest. I may not be fashion forward enough to create this look on my own, so that’s why I peruse her blog!

Do you love to laugh? Well, I do! And I found this at my new favorite website and it cracked me up. It’s the little things…

I did this after my run today and IT WAS HARD!

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In the Spirit of Wedding Season

It’s been a little while since I’ve popped on here to say hello, and that’s thanks in part to a pretty hectic life these days. You’ll find out more in the weeks to come, but I wanted to remind you that I’m still here! Today will be a short post, but I do have something on my mind: weddings. That’ll be thanks to the Royal Wedding, which, I’m embarrassed to admit, made me tear up a little while watching. There is nothing better than the modern day fairy tale – average girl falls in love with a prince, marries him, and becomes a princess. *Sigh* I watched every second of it, gushing over the Duchess of Cambridge’s perfection, the eclectic and gorgeous hats, and the traditional wedding.

It also got me thinking about the impending wedding season. In just 3 short weeks I’ll be reunited with my lovable and crazy family for my cousin’s wedding. I am so beyond excited about this, not just because it’s happening on beautiful Lake Lure in North Carolina (hello vacay!), but also because I adore my Dad’s side of the family thanks to the good time that is ALWAYS had when we all get together. I am literally counting down the days.

So, in the spirit of wedding season, here are some pictures to get you in the mood:

Image via / Originally found at

Image via

Image via

She looks perfect.

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Beauty and Style

Image via the beauty department

I will admit it: I love Lauren Conrad. I watched Laguna Beach, The Hills, and just about anything else she’s been in (ahem, she appeared on Greek, enough said). What is it that I love so much about her? Her style. She can make the most simple outfit look fantastic and I love that her hair always looks perfect either in those big, loose waves or with a braid. When I moved to Ireland, I jazzed up the apartment with some table books, and Style made the cut. Her make-up is always simple, her nails are always painted, and she never fails to look fresh. I know that she has the luxury of a beauty team behind her, but if they can bestow their wisdom to the rest of us, it helps!

So, as a blogger, you can only imagine my excitement when I discovered that Lauren and her style team have started a website: The Beauty Department. Even better, in essence it feels like a blog itself. They seem down-to-earth, excited in their new venture, and willing to teach the tricks of their trade. Sure, there are all kinds of blogs and websites out there teaching readers how to apply the perfect red lip or how to create vintage curls. However, I’ve never gone wrong with an LC style tip. I imagine I will check in on this website frequently.

And totally inspired by this website, I’ve decided to create a “Style” category in my blog! Style is different everywhere you go, all around the world, so why not report on the unique styles and trends I see in Ireland and other European spots Matt and I visit?

Image via the beauty department

Though this picture is dark, I'd like to note that my hair and make-up at this event were inspired by looks in Lauren Conrad's book, Style.

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