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Your Favorites of 2013

It has been a crazy and wonderful year! Who knew that a year that started in Spain would end permanently back in America? It has also been one of the best yet – I married my best friend this year! This post isn’t about what I loved in 2013 though. I took at look at my site stats and thought I would share your top 10 favorite posts of the year.

10. One Month and Counting… – It was a simple post, but it was wonderful to be able to acknowledge one month of marriage and how different life would now be after things settled down.

Clyde Brown Productions, Christina Littleton Photography, Cincinnati, Earth Tones

9. Back to School – Back in America, back in the classroom! It’s been a whirlwind, but doing something that comes so naturally while we get ready for the next step in our future has been a comfort.

8. Spanish Culture – I wrote this one a long time ago…May 15, 2012 in fact! However, you seem to love it and you kept it as a favorite in 2013. What’s not to love about Spain and their culture?

Sevilla, Spain

7. October 19, 2013 – Best day of my life! The rest of our photos became available recently, and I just cannot stop looking at them. This has to be one of my favorites though. 🙂

Clyde Brown Productions, Christina Littleton Photography, Cincinnati, Earth Tones

6. Entering Gibraltar – Avoid the Airplanes! – You were just as enthralled in the process of crossing the airport runway every single time Matt and I entered and exited Gibraltar as we were. This one was written way back in January 2012, but the craziness of it never got old. I can’t say that I miss crossing the border every day to go to work, nor do I miss waiting for the airplanes to take off to get there!

I stole the following picture from my friends Kaitlyn and Chris, who came to visit us while we were living in Spain. It is a fantastic look at how the runway divides the two countries. They are taking the photo from atop the Rock of Gibraltar and you can see the long runway strip with traffic driving right across it in the middle! On the other side is the city of La Línea de la Concepción, Spain.Spain, Runway, Airplanes

5. Why I Went Missing – Blame it on tradimo… – I’d gone on a long blogging hiatus and in this post, I told you why! It was the first time I gave a glimpse of my work life in Gibraltar.

4. The 4th of July – European Style – Ah, the epic 4th of July party in which we drew upon American customs to entertain our European friends! They absolutely loved the games of beer pong, the greased-up watermelon fight, and of course, the American cuisine.

Party, Independence Day, Europe, Spain

Our house, all decked out in red, white and blue. I miss this place.

3. A Final Fling Before the Ring x 2 – In preparation for my nuptials, I was lucky to have not one, but two bachelorette parties! One in Spain and one in Dallas. Both of my hostesses were absolutely amazing and I had the best time.

Spain, Estepona, PuroBeach, Laguna Village, Bachelorette, Marriage

A celebration before finally becoming a Mrs.!

2. The American Invasion – I don’t blame you guys for loving this post. Having my friends come to visit us was such a fun time – from dinners at La Finca and Pura Tapa, to the Spanish fair, and of course, a trip up the Rock of Gibraltar that ended in an ape bite. It was a visit I’ll never forget.

Spain, Europe, Travel, La Fina, Pura Tapa, Alcaidesa

1. Drumroll please!!!! Your favorite post in 2013 – Emily En America!!! After all of my traveling blog posts, the countries visited, the cultures chronicled, it really means a lot to have my move back to America come in first place. Matt and I are so very excited to be home, though we definitely miss life abroad.

This year has brought so many changes to our life and I’m so glad to be able to continue my writing and to have you as loyal followers! Thank you for giving me a reason to write this blog and I hope you have the best New Year! Here’s to what 2014 has to offer!



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October 19, 2013

Piggybacking on my last post about the wedding, we recently received a sneak peek of our photos from our photographer and I can’t wait to share some of them with you here! We used a photographer recommended to us by a friend in the Cincinnati area. Christina Littleton Photography captured our day with the most stunning and unique photos, and I simply cannot wait to see the rest.

As for the details, we chose Cincinnati in the fall because its rolling hills are known for the beautifully changing colors. We were married at the Cincinnati Country Club and I decided the overall color theme would be Earth tones – greens, tans, browns, taupes, etc. Our amazing 10-piece band, Clyde Brown Productions, kept everyone on the dance floor all night long and the toasts by my Dad, my maid of honor (Melissa) and Matt’s two best men (Michael and Jacob) were epic.

For our table centerpieces, we chose to go more minimalistic with the floral decor and instead, used lanterns and tea lights with bud vases and foliage. The effect was vintage and glowing, just how I had envisioned it. My cake was done by Servatii’s in Hyde Park, the same bakery that did my mother’s cake for her wedding day. 🙂

And of course, my dress…I found it in Dublin, Ireland with my bridesmaid Lauren. I wanted it shipped to Dallas, though, so I contacted the designer, Cymbeline, who was based out of Paris. They found a boutique in Dallas, Patsy’s Bridal, who was willing to work with the European designer – and they loved working with them so much, they are now carrying the entire line!

All in all, it really was the perfect wedding! Here are some of my favorites of the first round of photos.

Christina Littleton Photography, Cincinnati

Christina Littleton Photography, Cincinnati

Christina Littleton Photography, Cincinnati

Christina Littleton Photography, Cincinnati, Clyde Brown Productions, Earth Tones

Clyde Brown Productions, Christina Littleton Photography, Cincinnati, Earth Tones

Clyde Brown Productions, Christina Littleton Photography, Cincinnati, Earth Tones

Christina Littleton Photography, Clyde Brown Productions, Earth Tones, Cincinnati

Christina Littleton Photography, Clyde Brown Productions, Cincinnati, Earth Tones

Christina Littleton Photography, Clyde Brown Productions, Cincinnati, Earth Tones

Christina Littleton Photography, Clyde Brown Productions, Earth Tones, Cincinnati

Clyde Brown Productions, Christina Littleton Photography, Cincinnati, Earth Tones

Clyde Brown Productions, Christina Littleton Photography, Cincinnati, Earth Tones

Clyde Brown Productions, Christina Littleton Photography, Cincinnati, Earth Tones

Clyde Brown Productions, Christina Littleton Photography, Cincinnati, Earth Tones

Clyde Brown Productions, Christina Littleton Photography, Cincinnati, Earth Tones

Clyde Brown Productions, Christina Littleton Photography, Cincinnati, Earth Tones

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One Month and Counting…

Wedding, One Month

Officially married!

I simply cannot believe that yesterday was exactly one month since our wedding. Time has flown by so quickly and it feels like it happened forever ago.

Much of the advice that I received regarding the actual wedding day centered around the fact that it goes by so fast and that we should savor every second of it. Those people were definitely correct in their advice and I only wish that I could go back and relive the day all over again.

I had also prepared myself for the fact that after the wedding and honeymoon, things would slow down and the realization that we weren’t going back to Europe would truly sink in. That has also most certainly happened. From the moment General McFluffybutt and I set foot (and paw) on that train to Madrid until the end of our honeymoon, I never really had the opportunity to dwell on the fact that we were moving.

Now that all of the chaos is over, it is definitely sinking in. Most of what I can remember from my dream last night included a beach and the sea. In it I was looking out at the beach and begging Matt to spend the day there with me. Since I am landlocked now and my previous residence included this view exactly, I think I can deduce what this dream meant.

All dreams and feelings aside though, yesterday was a wonderful reminder that no matter where we go or what life hands us, Matt and I are in this together.

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A Final Fling Before the Ring x 2

Spain, Estepona, PuroBeach, Laguna Village, Bachelorette, Marriage

A Spanish celebration before finally becoming a Mrs.!

Living in Europe and planning a wedding in America (and not even in my home city of Dallas!) was definitely a challenge, but with the challenges, there were also perks. With friends in both places, I was beyond lucky to get to celebrate my bachelorette party not once, but twice! My great friend Joannah planned my “European bachelorette” party during the summer in Spain and my maid-of-honor and sister, Melissa, planned a Dallas party following my move back to Dallas.

If you are ever wanting to plan a bachelorette party in Spain, on the beach, in the middle of the summer, talk to my friend Jo, because she did it up right! A bunch of my girlfriends from Gibraltar and my bridesmaid Lauren, who you’ve seen many times in my “visiting Dublin” posts, came out for a day of sunning and massages, followed by a fantastic dinner on the beach. Does it get any better than that?

Gibraltar, Spain, Dallas, Wedding, Marriage, Bachelorette, Estepona, PuroBeach

With my wonderful hostess, Jo!

We started the day at Laguna Village at the swanky PuroBeach Club. Jo reserved a cabana next to the pool that came complete with a bottle of rosé cava, mojitos, and a sushi lunch. Jo also booked us all either a facial or a massage – both were poolside, and I opted for the massage. We spent the day sipping cava and mojitos, dipping in and out of the pool, and soaking up the Spanish sun.

That evening we made our way back to PuroBeach for dinner next to the Mediterranean. The food was fantastic, the wine was never empty, and Jo prepared a fun questionnaire that kept us entertained throughout dinner. In true Spanish style, we enjoyed a long dinner and our festivities led us into the wee hours of the morning, at which time we wandered back down the beach to our hotel (the Kempinski Hotel Bahía) for some late night (early morning?) antics and room service (that €30 club sandwich was worth it!).

Dallas, Bachelorette, Wedding, Marriage, Spain, Estepona, Gibraltar

I wore this sweet gift while getting ready on my wedding day!

Now, the Dallas party could not have been more different, but was equally as fabulous! Melissa planned a girls night out complete with a hotel suite at The Nylo in Dallas, dinner at The Cedars Social and then dancing at Winstons Supperclub with a performance by the Far East Movement. I may or may not have gotten on the stage during their performance…

No detail was missed by Melissa for the Dallas bash! The Nylo is a really neat hotel and the suite was perfect for us group of girls. We had pre-dinner drinks, a lingerie shower, and my friends and family were able to get to know each other before venturing out. I highly recommend dinner at The Cedars Social (in fact, I’ll most likely go back and take pictures for a nightlife piece) – the food was American-style tapas which were so delicious; think tapas-style mac-n-cheese, pork belly tacos, Parmesan fries, etc. And of course, if I got myself on stage at Winstons, then I definitely had a great time there! The final detail? Melissa arranged a party bus to take us from one spot to the next!

I am really so blessed to have such wonderful friends that celebrated my last single night in both countries. There were friends and family that even traveled to be there, which made both weekends so special. Both my hostesses should be professional bachelorette party planners, because these will be memories that I will always cherish!

Wedding, Marriage, Bachelorette, Dallas, Spain, Estepona, PuroBeach

My bridesmaid Lauren flew in from Dublin to help me celebrate!

Wedding, Marriage, Dallas, Nylo Hotel, The Cedars Social, Winstons Supper Club

With all of the girls at the Dallas bachelorette party.

Spain, Estepona, Bachelorette, Laguna Village, PuroBeach, Wedding

This is the closest thing I have to a full group picture at the Spanish party.

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Let the Wedding Festivities Begin

Wedding, Engagement, Festivities, Party, Holidays, Christmas, Family, Friends

With our amazing hostess!

Over the holidays, I did many things that were extremely enjoyable. Time with family is always at the top of my list, as I only get to see them a couple times of year. I also spent some wonderful evenings with friends catching up. And there is always the shopping – I never shop over here, so when I go home, especially around Christmas, I bask in the holiday sales and stock up on some essentials for the next half a year.

This visit home, however, included a very special evening. My wonderful sister Melissa hosted a beautiful and elegant engagement party for me and Matt. Though Matt and I got engaged back in August, this was our first long visit home, so close friends and family living in the area were invited to celebrate. I was so excited because many of the people invited were able to make it, so we were able to visit with a lot of friends we haven’t seen in awhile – included in that group were a couple of my bridesmaids, one who’s been my friend since middle school and the other a girlfriend from college who even came to Spain to see me and Matt!

Melissa planned the event at the Stoneleigh Hotel in Dallas, which ended up being a fabulous choice. The area we were given was beautiful, we had our own bartender, and the food was delicious – not a single detail was forgotten. From the champagne for a toast, the bite-sized quesadillas, bruschetta, shrimp & scallop ceviche and shot glass desserts, to the beautiful centerpiece flowers and candlelit tables, it really was a wonderful night to remember.

My Gamma Phi Beta girlfriends also came in for the party, and at one special point in the evening, I introduced them to Matt’s 93 year-old grandmother, who was also a Gamma Phi and is still a very active alum. Having generations of Gamma Phi Betas from such different times standing all together was a unique experience I know I’ll never forget. At one point, my friend started to playfully sing one of our songs, and Matt’s grandmother joined right in!

Throughout the evening, Matt and I told the story of our engagement to those who hadn’t heard yet, I finally got to show off my ring, and it really hit home that come October 19th of this year, we are getting married. Other than the engagement party, we’ve found our band, finalized the wedding cake details with the baker, and have nailed down our gorgeous venue. Everything is starting to come together, making me one excited bride-to-be! Thanks again Mel!

Gamma Phi Beta, Holidays, Christmas, Party, Wedding, Engagement, Stoneleigh Hotel

This is definitely a keeper!

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Life These Days

First night home in Texas. Me and Em at Paul's show at the Patio Grill!

Dallas for Memorial Day weekend, Melissa’s birthday, North Carolina for my cousin’s wedding – how can I possibly sum up one long and fantastic vacation in a single blog post? I plan on doing it with many pictures and a whole lot of enthusiasm. I do realize I have a lot of time to make up for, but I’m ready to dive right back in!

I’ve known for awhile that I would be planning a trip to the States for my cousin, Brian’s, wedding. The location was Lake Lure in North Carolina, but I decided to add a little time to my trip and head to Dallas first. This gave me more time to see some friends back home, celebrate my sister’s birthday, and get in extra family time. I spent a lot of time by our pool in the sun, something I’ve been missing greatly. In fact, I spent almost every day of my vacation by the pool/lake at some point. I’ve now got A TON of freckles back on my face – I missed those little guys.

Melissa and Kristen at her birthday dinner - she loved that tambourine!

Melissa’s 24th birthday was Saturday, May 28, so the Friday night before we gathered with some of her closest friends and danced our way to her big day. We started at Monica Aca y Alla’s, a Mexican restaurant in Deep Ellum that serves up strong margaritas, fantastic food, live music, and an hourly conga line. Once Melissa got a hold of the tambourine the show was on! Now, everyone that knows me knows how much I love chips and queso, so choosing this spot for her birthday was just as great for me! On Saturday, we laid by the pool soaking up the sun and then went to dinner at Patrizio’s with our parents. Good food two nights in a row and I really felt like I was home.

Waterskiing for the first time! I'm loving the picturesque view of Lake Lure in the background.

On Wednesday I flew with my family to North Carolina to begin the wedding festivities previously mentioned. Lake Lure is one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to and I knew I was in store for a fun-filled weekend. I spent all of Thursday on the lake and learned how to waterski for the very first time! Yes, 25 years and it was my first time to try. I fell my first time, but on the second I popped right up. By the third go on the skis I felt comfortable and learned what is so enjoyable about the sport – well, minus the complete and utter soreness radiating throughout my body the next day.

Husband and wife for the first time!

What can I say about the rest of the wedding weekend? It was magical. Brian’s fiance (and now wife :-)), Maggie, looked absolutely radiant the entire weekend – from the initial gathering at her family’s home on Thursday, to the rehearsal dinner, and topping it off with the wedding itself. We had a great time getting to know Maggie’s family; they were so much fun and extremely generous all weekend. I saw the majority of my large and lovable family (my Dad has 4 brothers and a sister, so I have tons of cousins), enjoying every second we spent catching up. The wedding was beautiful, followed by a stunning reception on Lake Lure. The food was great, the speeches were incredibly sweet, and the music enticed just about everyone to the dance floor. There is nothing quite like being with all of your family celebrating a special occasion.

I am officially back in Dublin now much tanner, but quite tired. I guess I need a vacation from my vacation. 😉 Matt and I have a lot in store for our lives soon, so be sure to stay posted!

Lake Lure, North Carolina

What a cutie! Melissa opted for kayaking instead of waterskiing.

Lake Lure, North Carolina

Some of the gang! Cousins, uncles, aunts, and friends all gathered together after the rehearsal dinner.

Lake Lure, North Carolina

With my cousins Dan and Brian - best man on the left, groom on the right!

Lake Lure, North Carolina

My Dad with my cousin Molly - so cute. 🙂

Lake Lure, North Carolina

Sisterly love at the rehearsal dinner!

I took so many pictures on this trip, it’s just not possible to post them all! I tried to throw in some highlights. 🙂

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In the Spirit of Wedding Season

It’s been a little while since I’ve popped on here to say hello, and that’s thanks in part to a pretty hectic life these days. You’ll find out more in the weeks to come, but I wanted to remind you that I’m still here! Today will be a short post, but I do have something on my mind: weddings. That’ll be thanks to the Royal Wedding, which, I’m embarrassed to admit, made me tear up a little while watching. There is nothing better than the modern day fairy tale – average girl falls in love with a prince, marries him, and becomes a princess. *Sigh* I watched every second of it, gushing over the Duchess of Cambridge’s perfection, the eclectic and gorgeous hats, and the traditional wedding.

It also got me thinking about the impending wedding season. In just 3 short weeks I’ll be reunited with my lovable and crazy family for my cousin’s wedding. I am so beyond excited about this, not just because it’s happening on beautiful Lake Lure in North Carolina (hello vacay!), but also because I adore my Dad’s side of the family thanks to the good time that is ALWAYS had when we all get together. I am literally counting down the days.

So, in the spirit of wedding season, here are some pictures to get you in the mood:

Image via / Originally found at

Image via

Image via

She looks perfect.

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